Spiritual Growth or Training Higher Human Potential?

I would often talk in terms of training
instead of using the term spiritual growth.
When I do use the term spiritual growth,
most often it is just because it is easy
since people use it in daily language.
What is training:
It is defined as regular practice of a
certain skill.
While growth on the other hand implies
a more passive process that one  
Yet in spiritual growth t you can discern
 different stages of development.
These stages are more or less the same no
matter what system a person uses to
develop them.

 The thing is though that not all systems are
equal in the level or stage they allow a
person to reach.
Some systems can let you reach a
maximum level of development up to
a certain stage, while other systems
might get you further or less far.

For example shamanism as a system
can let you grow up to a certain stage,
but not beyond that.
For instance shamanism cannot get
you enlightened since as a system it is
 too primitive for that and is not intended
for that.
In this context, training means
to regularly practice skills in the
greater human potential area (
meditation, remote viewing,
clairvoyance, etc.)

In the ancient Eastern texts these
sort of things are always mentioned
in terms of ‘achievements’, ‘perfections’
‘success’ and such.

On the path of spiritual growth through
training there are specific supernatural
powers that correspond with having
reached a specific stage of development.
The greater human potential is there
for the taking for those who practice
Depending on the level of development
a person reaches through their training,
specific supernatural and other abilities
open up which correspond to that level
of growth that is reached.

Abilities one cannot access when one
hasn’t reached the appropriate stage of
development yet.

Just like someone who swims for a
hobby cannot compete in the Olympics
next week.

  • Joan says:

    I like this information given and it has given me some sort of commitment to have success for some reason, so keep up the good work.

  • Drew says:

    Ma kasih buanyak pa ats infonya.

  • tan says:

    I want to get back into my training as i have not only stalled but have lost the wonderful feeling of peace that i once had. even 3 to one doesn’t work as well anymore. my passion to explore has flagged.

    How do i begin from scratch, i have all the material all i need to do is start again, so where do i get from here to there without any dramas.
    Got any suggestions.