Spiritual Ideas In An Everyday Movie?

When I’m in another country I always find it
interesting to watch the local news a bit.

I notice that the editors of different cultures
use different filters for the news.

And that is interesting, themes that would
never make it on to the news in one culture,
do get on the news in another culture.

Like for example a piece about a place
where many people have reported seeing
a ghost.

Or covering the story of a qi gong master
with supernatural powers.

Like for example on my blog

You can observe this cultural influence
in movies too.

Movies from different cultures of course
often deal with other teams.

While I was in Thailand recently, I was
watching this movie where they had
interwoven some spiritual concepts in to
the movie….

… concepts which are part of the culture
with which people are raised there.

Somewhat in between everything, in a
bit of an everyday story, they all of a
sudden mention something like:

Buddha said everything in life moves in a
specific direction.

It only changes when it collides with a
force from a different direction..

Just like that…

One sentence…  but containing so much.

Of course it is about karma:

Everything you say, think or do, has
consequences, makes you move in a certain

Well, if you encounter something which
has an influence on what you thing, say
feel, and do…

it changes the direction in which you
are moving.

Sure, in the movie it was about a guy that
changed the life of a girl.

The point is that this external force,
which makes you change direction…

can come form outside, external… or

from inside, internal.

If you are not happy about something in
your life, then you will get more of
that if you keep moving in the same

A lot of people are waiting for a change,
from outside, external, while…

they could make everything move in a
more optimal direction themselves, from
inside out.

Don’t wait with creating the life you want,
start with small steps in the direction
of where you want to go.

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Where do you want to go with your personal
and spiritual growth?

Next mail, I will tell you the core difference
between enlightenment in the West and the East.

P.S. The movie had another spiritual concept
in it… can you catch it in this short trailer?