Oh yeah…a lucid dream

It had been a while since I had an
interesting dream.

So, I decided to do something
about that.

I went into my balance zone and
I imagined how it would be if I
would have had a dream.

Entering the balance zone is a natural
way to stimulate the alpha brainwaves.

These alpha brainwaves play an
important part in the transfer of
information between the sub
conscious and the conscious mind.

If you dream without alpha waves,
you don’t remember the dream.

In my dream I left a building and
noticed that the bicycle I had borrowed
was stolen.

This had happened years ago, but the
dream was not a memory, the context,
the building and the location were
totally different.

At that time in the dream, I became
conscious of the context being different.

I thought: “not again”, and I came
to the conclusion that I must be
During the dream I wondered
how I could wake up…

and suddenly I just decided to
wake up! I made a decision to
wake up, and instantly I woke

The las thing of course has
a deeper meaning, but that will
be for a next time.

This is a lucid dream, a dream
during which you are conscious
of the fact that you are dreaming.

Well, these alpha brainwaves
can be stimulated in a natural

and that’s not only useful for
developing intuition and

You can learn all about it in
Ultra Dynamic Mind.

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