The Art Of Giving and developing an abundance mindset for manifesting

The art of giving is something which can help you
with developing a mindset of abundance
instead of a poverty consciousness.

Many information being put out today, like
The Secret, is overly concerned with getting.

Yet it is actually through the art of giving that
more will come to you.

It might sound like a paradox.

But you notice how there is a key difference
with chasing after things?

Several spiritual teachers I have studied with
told me that with practicing your mind and
energy. Things will start to come to you…
you don’t need to chase after them.

This frees up your mental energy for higher

Let’s see what Buddha said about giving.

He said that there are 3 types of giving:

Giving like a beggar: where you give the
leftovers, and keep the best for yourself

Giving like a friend: where there is more
spontaneity in the giving, but still some

Giving like a king or queen: where you
get joy out of the act of giving itself.

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  • Anonymous says:

    I absolutely like this blog. Thank you for publishing it.

  • Ving says:

    Fell out of bed feenlig down. This has brightened my day!