Developing intuition and access higher states of consciousness through meditation

I came across an interesting part in an old Indian
text which expresses the relation between the
different levels of consciousness.

Two birds, who were close friends, were sitting
on the same tree.

One of them eat the fruits and enjoys them.
The other one sits higher up in the tree and
doesn’t eat the fruits, it just watches the other
bird eat.

The tree represents the human body.

The bird sitting on the lower branches eats the
sweet fruits but also the bitter ones.

Each time it eats a sweet one, it experiences
live as beautiful and fun. But when it eats a
bitter one, it thinks of life as something unpleasant.

This bird gets frustrated all the time because the
pleasure from sensory stimulation is only temporarily
and always fades away again.

This bird represents the waking consciousness, the
mind when it is focused on external signals.

From time to time, this bird looks up to the bird at the
top, who represents the subconscious mind.
The state of consciousness where one has a more
internal focus.

The moment the bird from the lower branches climbs
up to the bird in the top, the branches and fruit below
it, start to fade away.

In other words, when one starts to focus more inward,
you disengage from the sensory stimuli and the
suffering that comes from being overly focused
on external signals, outside of yourself.

The moment the first bird, reaches the bird higher
up… both of them disappear completely.

This represents the point where the mind reaches
unification with the pure consciousness, in the
state of the super consciousness.

Going deeper inside yourself and rediscovering
your own source?
Reaching the deeper layers of your subconscious

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Conrad Raw

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  • dissertation sample introduction says:

    where the mind reaches
    unification with the pure consciousness,

  • Norberto says:

    OK, I live/occupy multi-universes; my question is: WHO is the head of them, who WILLS them into being? Who wills my will into my will of etnexsice here? and HOW do I INFLUENCE that head//how does IT influence me? Also, How do I co-create with that head and how can I do it CONSCIOUSLY? If my world is -and it is more than clear that it is!!- nothing but thought and the result of its belief, WHAT MAKES or produces THE DIFFERENCE between my universes, in other words: WHO BELIEVES in my different universes? The ultimate question is…how do I encompass all those believes and if I get to the very CORE/SOURCE of my believes-Creator will I still keep my belief in “me” or do I dissolve? And, of course, what is the difference between what we call “Ego” (the creation of MY belief) and Myself ( the creation of God) in this understanding?THANK YOU!

    • Conrad Raw says:

      These are good questions… but asked at the wrong level of mind…
      Ask these questions at the wrong level of consciousness, and they just keep your mind busy and spinning.
      Ask them at the right level of consciousness and you gain enlightenment.
      Here lays the answer too… it is about consciousness.
      Different states of consciousness to access different parts of reality.
      Don’t get drawn into the multiple universe thing to much, there is to much misinformation now in order to get a sale out of you and it certainly doesn’t benefit spiritual growth.

  • Connie Graffney says:

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  • daigoumee says:

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    • Jimar says:

      Hi,I would like to share with you an experience that occrrued to me when I was only sixteen months old. Whoa, is this for real? I assure you that this experience was real please let me explain. I have a vivid memory of what may have caused it. As a toddler I had climbed from a chair onto the dinning room table and sucked on the spout of a freshly made tea pot, you can imagine the shock pain that it caused.Fortunately there was a hospital literally around the corner from where I lived to which I was obviously rushed to of which I have no memory off. However the memory I do have is that I found myself in complete darkness except for the fact that it was as if I was looking at a small black and white TV screen seeing my physical self screaming and struggling, although I could hear no sound and I was being passed from one lady to another. During this time I was totally detached by which I mean I seemed to be devoid of any emotional attachments, it was as if I was just a curious bystander, I was aware that I had no body and that I was just seeing {watching} the scene in front of me. Then I remember nothing more as the scene disappeared.At the age of eighteen months I was adopted and I suppose it might have been around that time that the memory of that incident kicked in and stayed with me for the rest of my life which has been quite vivid for most of it. However, here comes the twist, I found my blood mother in my early twenties and told her about the scenario thinking that it was to do with my adoption being given away to a strange lady and having that inner sense of knowing, she wasn’t my mum. But no, the only time I had kicked and screamed and carried on like a pork chop was when I swallowed the boiling water from the kettle and it was my foster mother too be, who I was quite compatible with, who was actually handing me over to a nurse.The reason I have written this is, I heard an interview you gave stating about us being light but not of the physical sense, and my experience was such that there was no light except that which I saw as a TV screen, everything else around me was black, not ominously black, just black no sense of anything else except the picture before me? By the way this happened in August {approx}1941 at that time we didn’t have TV, the war was on in England and I wouldn’t have known anything about a movie screen until I was probably about eight or nine yrs old. I am now sixty eight, I still have the memory but it isn’t as vivid and clear cut as it used to be.I would like to know your impression of this incident. As a matter of detached interest I was fostered to a Catholic family and did the Sunday school bit, never once did I ever believe the religious teachings or stories as my gut kept telling me they weren’t true, needless to say I kept getting into more trouble than Billy the Kid.Yours Sincerely Peter WatsonPS I have emailed on this question but as yet not recieved a reply.

      • Conrad Raw says:

        There is not a really clear question… you had an experience. Be it psychological or spiritual/energetic.
        I think you took the part of the interview out of its context. Light in the sense of energy, maybe.

  • Thank you, I have recently been searching for information about this topic for ages and yours is the best I have discovered so far.

    • Keydrick says:

      Great thkinnig! That really breaks the mold!

      • Kurt says:

        I used to go into deep theta before I go to sleep every night liinsnetg to different sound tracks. Now I only use Geralds voice as it seems to transport me away very easy. I have to ask this one burning question: I seem to be in a body of light when I go into theta, I literaly feel like it. However, there is always one very particular moment when I loose all my awareness and just fall into what feels like unconcious. I have tried to avoid it and stay aware, but I can not manage! Can you please tell me if there are people which can not do it, or if this is a state that does happen when you go into delta? I have done it about 1 year now, feel incredibly relaxed all the time and very centered. Please answer this question for me as I get frustrated over it.

        • Conrad Raw says:

          How do you know you went deep into Theta? Just because the audio was labeled as such?
          But assuming you did… you basically programmed your mind to fall asleep with those tracks, by letting you fall asleep with them.
          Yes in theta there is less bodily awareness.
          All people can do it as it is a natural state. Not all people are clear in their goals and expectations though.
          Also there is a lot of wrong information about brainwaves. It is in reality a bit more complex than how you are led to believe.
          The other thing is lack of technique and dependance on technology.
          It is because you lack proper technique in your mental training that you can’t keep in the state.
          Try doing something in the state, like visualizing and see if it keeps you there longer. Or use the instructions as given with my mind power sound mp3s.
          Try not depending on the technology, try to recognize the state and find it yourself.

    • Lani says:

      Hi Michael,Thanks for such interesting stuff. I have dowolnaded and listened to the Theta stuff a couple of times but am afraid that I have not been conscious for much of it! Is this usual and have you any tips for me to stay aware please? Also, I am interested in the four brainwave states that are always mentioned and am especially excited by the fact that it is possible to enter Delta and still be aware. I have Fibromyalgia and one of the problems I have is getting enough Delta type sleep. However, I have been hearing about Gamma brainwaves. My understanding is that these Gamma brainwaves are even better for manifesting, remote viewing etc. etc. but are in fact faster than even Beta. Do you or Gerald know anything about Gamma brainwaves, how they work, why if they are faster are they considered to be even more effective than Delta? And anything else you are able to tell me please! Thanks to you both once again Sandi

      • Conrad Raw says:

        Hi Sandi,

        Please have a look in The Zensation Manual not only to find exactly what the brainwaves are and how they work, but also to reach each of them.
        The gamma waves were witnessed in monks doing loving kindness meditation. They have nothing to do with remote viewing and manifesting.
        Your view of the brainwaves is to mechanical.