Why The Law Of Attraction Is Not Working For You

The Law Of Attraction presupposes you attract
something to you, draw something from outside
towards you.

it is better to explain the process in terms of creation,
or manifesting.

During the process you go to the level of mind
where everyone and everything is connected
with each other and create something by using
your mind power to charge energy with a
specific form.

Thus, you create from within yourself, in a world
which is part of you, is connected to you.

It is possible that in the external reality it really
comes to you, as if you attract it…

yet in reality it is what you had created.

When using the concept of attraction,
there is a lack of understanding of how
the process works…

which is why you would not be able to optimize it.

With insight, you will know which elements you
can improve in order to optimize the process.
You can raise your energy levels, by practicing
energy cultivation so you are able to charge
more energy with a specific form.

You can increase your mind power by training

By practicing dynamic meditation you can train
your conscious mind to stay aware while
delving into deeper levels of the subconscious,
so that you are able to function on more subtle
dimensions of existence.

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What is your experience with manifesting or the law of attraction? Let me know below…

  • Evita Cloudman says:

    I am so happy to read this. This is the kind of manual that needs to be given and not the random misinformation that is at the other blogs. Appreciate your sharing this best doc.

  • the law of attraction says:

    You’ve got great insights about the law of attraction, keep up the good work!

  • Buffee says:

    No more s***. All posts of this qaultiy from now on

    • Zalex says:

      I heard about I heard about vision bordas a few years ago when I watched The Secret. This is the first time I watched this video but I have to tell you about the vision board I made at work back in about Jan or Feb. We can earn up to $750 a month in bonus, so I made a vision board of piles and piles of money, the Practical Magic house (because I want to have a house like that so bad!), and the word BONUS and keep it at my desk. Every month since then, without trying, I earn my bonus. These things work.