Working With The Law Of Attraction Or Manifesting To Shape Your Destiny And Create Your Future

In this short video I share how your thoughts shape your destiny, manifest your future,
on the psychological level.

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      HI Alice,In Manifesting it is a thought cegarhd with emotion that zooms into reality the fastest. So when you have intense emotion around a subject that is in sync. with your thoughts about it then you will manifest that thing faster than something that isn’t so cegarhd.There are 2 components to this.1. Your thoughts emotions have to be in sync (A strong emotion of desire for something when you’re thinking you can’t have it won’t work. You have to think AND feel that you want and can have it).2. The more intense the emotion the stronger the message to the Universe. If you’re familiar with Abraham then you may have heard the term rocket of desire. Thought + emotion sends a rocket of desire out the to Universe. The more intense the emotion is, the stronger and brighter that rocket is (I see it as fireworks). Make sense?Maria