The Fourth Law Of Consciousness

In the last couple of posts I shared several laws of consciousness.

You can find them all here:
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I already covered one of the consequences of the ability to move your center of  consciousness outside your body.

There is another consequence, which will become more clear through some examples.

But I need to share the fourth law with you first, for it to make sense.

The fourth law of consciousness:

Everything with which you are connected energetically, can bring information from your consciousness to that with which
it is connected.

Just like you can place your center of  consciousness in an area of someone else their body…

so that energy will move there and stimulate recovery, healing…

you can place your center of consciousness in whatever you can connect with energetically.

Water is a specific example.

I already wrote about the property of  water to store information.

It is something which is being used in many traditions.

Water is being charged with a specific intent, for example through mantra or visualization.

At the time I gave the example of a group of people who came together in an Asian country, to discuss the design of new
more destructive weapons.

Everyone in the meeting room got sick.

Yet in their blood there were no traces of poison.

They only drunk water during the meeting.

It was assumed that the water had somehow been  charged with the negative, destructive intent of the whole group.

The people probably had become sick from drinking the water which had stored all that negativity.

These days many people are familiar with the work of Emoto.

He is one of the scientists, but definitely not the only one, who does research into the effect of intent on the structure of water.

His scientific research showed through a lot of pictures how positive words cause beautiful shapes.

While negative thoughts often caused broken and ugly shapes in the structure of water molecules.

I witnessed one of the most impressive effects of this while visiting a friend at his work in a wellness center in Bali.

A colleague of him had become a victim of black magic.

The friend is a fellow student of one of  my teachers.

I had seen this teacher treat people for effects caused by black magic.

Often he would use a cup of water that had been energetically charged by him.

As soon as the victim of black magic drunk this water, there would be certain effects, often something like vomiting.

Well, back to my friend at the spa.

His colleague had some problems caused by black magic.

So my friend called this teacher in order to get some advice.

The teacher told him, on the phone, to get a cup of water and wait a bit.

The colleague took some small sips of the water.

And started to vomit.

In a few minutes her face totally changed.

All symptoms were gone.

Imagine something similar like where someone has a heavy flue and changes right in front of  your eyes to being totally healthy, in a flash.

But the point is that all of this happened with water that was miles away from the teacher.

You too can charge water with a positive intent, by visualizing it in the water.

And this water you can than drink yourself or give as a present to someone else.

You can do interesting experiments by giving plants such water.

It is also something to keep in mind when you are preparing food for others.

Energy always moves though and is volatile, so this simple technique can  create interesting effects…

but becomes many times more potent when you learn to charge the water more powerfully and lock it in the water.

This is one of the things that you can learn during the Kundalini & Chakra Activation Retreat.

Ok, enough for now.

Next time I share a much more interesting example of this law as well as the fifth law of consciousness.