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The Umbrella And The Air-conditioning

I’m still in Thailand for some time. In general people here are very fond of their air-conditioning. Personally I don’t like it so much, because of the bad quality of the air they provide. But ok, I noticed that in a certain area here the air-conditioning was always  switched on by pressing a button on…

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Why You Should Choose Your Friends Wisely

A few days ago, I was talking with a friend and he mentioned 2 interesting things. The first thing is something I need to verify first, but if it is true, it is pretty controversial.   The second thing… is an interesting way to gauge someone’s motivation. He aske me:  “Did you listen to the…

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Your self-image? And How To Go Beyond Your Limits

The self-image is the whole of beliefs you have about your interactions with your environment and about the interaction of that environment with you. This self-image has a positive and beneficial function. But it is a slow and limiting mechanism, for what concerns your potential. The self-image can for instance cause you – to sell…

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