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Is There A Relationship Between Diet And Mind Power?

Someone asked me what I eat in order to develop a higher human potential. In this video I answer this question and share what I have observed with all of the spiritual masters or teachers I have met.

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The Aura Of David Bowie

  It is possible to make the energy field or aura visible with Kirlian photography. David Bowie,  the famous rock artist, experimented with it… not only with that… he had the clever observation that the Kirlian photograph of his aura was notably different before and after he took cocaine. The pictures of his aura where…

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People Go Into Trance During A Ritual

A while ago I was attending a ceremony where people performed a Balinese dance. The version I saw was pretty different from the one shown daily to tourists here. At a certain point several people start to go into trance. I was lucky and just caught it on camera when it all started. In this…

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Which Type Of Meditation Is Right For You?

The biggest difference is the distinction between passive and active meditation. Active meditation includes all the types of meditation where the mind is actively involved. Examples of this are meditations using visualization or breathing techniques. Vipassana or mindfulness meditation,  also belongs to this category by the way… contrary to what people are often taught or…

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The Dark Side Of Mind Power Training

During the Cold War there was not only a race for the best weapons… There was also a race to learn how to use the power of  the mind. After rumors about parapschygological experiments in the Soviet Union, the United States also started to look into remote viewing. In one of these experiments the skills…

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Entities, safely developing psychic powers and spiritual growth

I received some interesting questions. And I thought many could benefit from them, so… here is what I answered…”Conrad As we all know nothing is as cut and dried as it may seem. When you embark on the journey of discovery you can recieve many messages which you translate through your own filters which can…

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