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Demonstration Of Supernatural Powers Or Paranormal Powers

In this video you can see the spiritual master who tested my energetic cultivation about 2 years ago. He confirmed that the training I had been refining over the years, does indeed increase the energetic potential, and gave some tips on how I could improve it some more. In this selection from a tv  interview, you can see how he burns a…

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Video: A Levitating Monk

A video about a levitating monk in Nepal. Short version: Full version: What do you think, is this real or not? If this message gets more than 17 responses, it shows enough interest and I will share the process for deciding something like this. Ok! Thanks for all the comments… what can I say… wow!…

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Is There A Relationship Between Diet And Mind Power?

Someone asked me what I eat in order to develop a higher human potential. In this video I answer this question and share what I have observed with all of the spiritual masters or teachers I have met.

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People Go Into Trance During A Ritual

A while ago I was attending a ceremony where people performed a Balinese dance. The version I saw was pretty different from the one shown daily to tourists here. At a certain point several people start to go into trance. I was lucky and just caught it on camera when it all started. In this…

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