There Is Mold On Your Rice!

Last time I explained how you can move energy into an object.

As well that water is a good medium to carry energy and the information contained in it.

In case you missed the previous laws of consciousness, you can find an overview here:
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I received a response from a reader who has done an experiment with this.

What he dis was the following:

Hi Conrad,
I happen to have done an experiment on this:

I took two cups and filled them with boiled rice.

First I charged myself with the [technique from the Meditation & Energy Cultivation  course] and than I went to Alpha [technique
from Ultra Dynamic Mind].

One one cup I wrote:
hate, stupid, war.

At the same time I let a lot of negativity flow into the cup.

On the other cup I wrote love, piece and beautiful.
And at the same time I let a lot of positive energy flow into that cup.

Next, I placed these two cups in a closet.

After two weeks I took the cups out of the closet.

The rice in the cup with negative energy was filled with mold and gone bad.

The rice in the other cup was still fine and could still be eaten.

Attached some pictures

Kees S.

I’m always pleased to hear when people are actually applying the knowledge from the courses they invest in with me.

Because that is the only way to get results, by doing the exercises, applying the teachings.

Talking about applying…

All right, so you can charge something outside of you with energy and transfer information to it.

Is it out side of you really?

Well that is a whole other story.

But would you also be able to charge something so strongly that the physical properties of it change?

Apparently you can.

During a training in the jungle, I had to focus myself on a certain material.

While doing this, over time, the understanding grew that on the area where I anchored the center of my consciousness…

inside the material.

That energy from the surroundings could collect there.

So not just energy that flowed from me to there.

But also energy from the environment which flowed to there where the center of my consciousness was placed.

Over time… hours, the physical properties of the material changed.

The material changed into another type of material.

During this exercise my intent was NOT on changing the material.

So the material changed from one type of matter to another, just by placing the center of consciousness in it…

and keep it there, anchoring it as stable as possible.

Yeah CERN institute…

Ok, I know that I said I would be sharing the fifth law of consciousness.

But I think that this experiment was a fun and interessign illustration to share in between.

In the next episode I will be sharing the fifth law of consciousness.


Since your body consist mostly out of water…

do you think the quality of your thoughts has an influence on your health?

You bet it does!