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The Pareto Principle For Effective Evolution

The Pareto principle says that things are divided by a  80-20 key. For example that 80% of the pollution is being caused by 20% of the industry… or that 80% of the profits from a company come from 20% of its activities… by knowing this you can act more effective, namely by spending relatively more time and resources…

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How To Develop Psychic Powers Or Supernatural Powers

Every system for spiritual growth that actualy provides spiritual development will provide the practitioner with the potential of supernormal powers. Spiritual development follows definite steps, stages. Along its path, whatever medthod is used to walk it, the potential to use psychic powers becomes available. Not every system actually makes use of them though, but if…

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Going With The Flow For Rapid Spiritual Decline

An interesting question from a subscriber: “Dear Conrad, My question is how you can be at two different places at the same time with your consciousness. eg driving the car I see everything, yet still I’m somewhere else. (how can I best be at 1 place?) Another question people say you should go with the…

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Mental Protection Through Mind Power

I was sitting outside, doing some work with the laptop… when a group of wild dogs approached me. I don’t know if you ever been surrounded by a dozen wild dogs… while sitting down and with no one around… So I decided to just sit very quietly. Mentally I went over all of my options.…

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